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Anam Kazim was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Calgary-Glenmore, on May 5, 2015. Ms. Kazim holds a master's degree in biochemical/environmental engineering, a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and is certified in conflict resolution. An avid traveler, Ms. Kazim has lived on four continents and has visited more than 16 countries. Through these experiences she has gained invaluable insight into the importance of diversity and multiculturalism.
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Bill C-69 and Voting in the Plebiscite

Dear Constituents:I know many in our community are concerned about the ramifications about the federal Bill C-69, An Act to enact the Impact...
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The Fight to Build the Trans-Mountain Pipeline

Dear Constituents:Our fight to build the Trans-Mountain pipeline is only beginning. We will campaign like never before to win the hearts and minds...
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Alberta’s Economy and the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Dear Constituents:On August 31st, Finance Minister Joe Ceci gave the government’s First Quarter Update for 2018.The good news is that the deficit is...
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Alberta’s Economic Recovery

Dear Constituents:As your MLA, I’m proud of the work our government has done that will improve the lives of my constituents and all...
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Combating Racism in Alberta

Dear Constituents:It has been wonderful meeting Calgarians throughout the various summer Canada Day, Stampede and Cultural celebrations.Last year, Minister Eggen asked Albertans for...
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Next Steps Forward for Alberta

Dear Constituents:The spring session in Alberta’s Legislature is concluded; I’m proud of how our government is working hard to make life better for...
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Returning to Balance

Dear Constituents:With the arrival of spring, 2018 budget was tabled by our government—A Recovery Built to Last. The Budget continues to extend the...
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Spring Legislature Progress

Dear Constituents:While in the midst of the Spring Legislative session, I am delighted to share the progress of our government provincially.Economic growth exceeds...
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Your Concerns on SWCRR

Dear Constituents:I have been meeting with many residents in our community to hear your concerns and feedback on SWCRR. We know how important...
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February – MLA Anam Kazim’s Report

Dear Constituents:As we continue enjoying the winter activities, I have been delighted to stay engaged with the constituents/stakeholders and hear more about how...
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January – MLA Anam Kazim’s Report

Dear Constituents:Happy New Year!I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays with family/friends/loved ones. I would like to thank you all who came...
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December – MLA Anam Kazim’s Report

Dear Constituents:I hope the snow-flakes of this winter are bringing times of joy with family, friends and loved ones as we get closer...