Let the Dogs Run Free

manfredrichter / Pixabay

Calgary is fortunate enough to have 150 public off-leash areas in our multi-use parks for Calgarians and their dogs to enjoy. Calgary may have the largest number of off-leash areas and combined amount of off-leash space (more than 1,250 hectares) in North America. These off-leash designations make up for approximately 17% of the total Calgary Parks inventory and equates to almost 1,600 Canadian Football League fields.

The City has made it easy to find the location of these off-leash areas by creating a map on The City’s map gallery that shows all the areas. Go to https://maps.calgary.ca/ and search for “off-leash”.

Additional information about Off-leash area rules, taking your dog on the pathways and the Off-Leash Ambassador program can be found on our website’s Off-Leash pages.