Calgary’s Risk and Disasters


Emergency situations often occur without warning. They can happen anytime, anywhere. If you know what the different risks are that exist in Calgary, you can be empowered to take action to prepare and protect yourself and your family.

Calgary is vulnerable to several disaster-related risks due to the range of hazards and threats that exist in our geographical landscape. Six of the ten costliest disasters over Canadian history have occurred in Alberta. Hazards such as flooding, winter storms, hail, infrastructure failures, chemical spills, and tornadoes, to name a few, can have significant consequences to our economic, natural, social, and government systems.

Knowing what risks exist in Calgary will empower you to take action to prepare for emergencies and disasters, understand what to do during these situations, and what to expect afterwards. Citizens have a responsibility to act when it comes to preparing for a disaster or emergency. To learn more about getting prepared visit

The Calgary Disaster Risk Explorer provides information on the hazards that potentially pose the greatest risk in our city. This website is intended for residents to better understand disaster risk in Calgary, learn about their impacts and promote behaviour changes for a more resilient community at