Maximize Your Water Savings with A Rain Barrel


The cost of watering your yard can account for 30 to 40 percent of your annual water bill. Using a rain barrel helps you conserve water and save money, all while keeping your plants healthy with soft, non-chlorinated rainwater.

How do I choose a rain barrel?

Look for a sealed barrel equipped with:

  • An overflow mechanism, such as a diverter, for use with your existing downspout
  • An additional outlet and hose to redirect water to plants or trees from the barrel once it’s full
  • A drain or tap near the bottom to fill a watering can

You can use one barrel or setup a network of multiple barrels to increase your savings.

Setting up your rain barrel

Locate the downspout most convenient for barrel placement. If your rain barrel didn’t come with its own stand, set it on some concrete blocks or flagstones for extra stability. Read the installation instructions that come with your rain barrel carefully and refer to the barrel manufacturer or retailer for support.

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