Preparing Your Home and Yard for Winter: Fall Checklist is a Great Place to Start

City of Calgary

Do you wonder if you are doing the right things – indoors and outdoors – to prepare your home for winter? The Homeowner Water Guide Fall Checklist, with simple steps you can take to protect your home from leaks and prepare your yard for winter, is a great place to start.

You’ll find reminders and tips like:

  • Check your toilets, taps, humidifier, hot water heater, water softener and other water using devices for leaks
  • Turn off your outdoor water supply and winterize your irrigation system to avoid winter leaks
  • Check the Watering 101 Guides to find out when to stop watering plants, shrubs and trees
  • Check the lawn care guide for tips on letting your grass grow into dormancy – when best to stop watering and cutting your lawn.

When it comes to residential and household leaks, toilets, faucets and outdoor irrigation are the most common culprits. Our library of Homeowner Water Guides provides step-by-step guidance to identify and repair leaks in our homes, and ideas for using water in the most efficient way possible. Given the pressures our rivers feel from a changing climate and a growing city, every effort to be water efficient will help keep our rivers – and our community – healthy and resilient.

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