Federation of Calgary Communities: Think Safety

A message from the Federation of Calgary Communities

We live in a society where we expect to be safe. We have paid professionals in every walk of life, from law enforcement, healthcare, etc. whose job it is to ensure our well-being. However, we must empower ourselves through knowledge and action, and take responsibility for our own personal safety. Awareness and avoidance are important elements of a safe strategy which can be blended seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Have a Personal Safety Strategy:

  1. Know that a danger could exist and never forget it.
  2. Admit to yourself that you could become a victim.
  3. Have a plan. Know what you will do if a dangerous situation comes up. Be determined not to “freeze up.”
  4. Be suspicious. Too much “faith in human nature” can make you an easy target for a vicious criminal.
  5. Trust your good judgment. Common sense is the best protection.