Summer Festival Safety Tips

Calgary has a ton of entertaining, creative and crowded festivals, events and rodeos over the summer. With all the fun and excitement, it’s important to remain safe and aware of your surroundings when you and your family take part in all the festivities.

Here’s a few tips for the summer:

  1. Stay hydrated, wear a hat and apply proper sunscreen.If you begin to feel tired and show signs of muscle fatigue, take a break in the shade and get some water. Personal battery-operated fans, umbrellas and sliced watermelons are great ways to keep your body comfortable.
  2. Be prepared for various degrees of weather. Pack and bring suitable clothing like a raincoat, just in case. Take cover inside or under any form of a secure shelter in case of a thunderstorm.
  3. Many of the venues you will attend will have food, so ensure that with cold food products that they are stored in cooler areas and not left in the heat before purchase. With hot foods, ensure that they are eaten shortly after being cooked this can reduce bacteria. A healthy diet will keep you energized throughout your time.