April 2022 Ward 14 Report – Councillor Peter Demong


Hi, Ward 14!

Spring is in the air. I always find—for whatever reason—things start to get busier in the spring. There are many things to prepare for, and changes that come as we get ready for the most abundant time of year. This is true of the City of Calgary too. Snow melts, the water runs off, and we transition from one mode to another.

In the full, online version of my April newsletter, I will discuss a few things that pertain to this transition, and some that do not. This month, I will go into some detail about storm drains, street sweeping, rain barrels, property rights-of-way, the costs of water leaks, and, finally, navigating the ring road. You will find the full version of this column at calgary.ca/ward14newsletter, and feel free to contact me any time. The best way to contact me is by visiting calgary.ca/contactward14.

Councillor Peter Demong

Ward 14 – Councillor Peter Demong proudly serves the following Communities: Bonavista Downs, Chaparral, Deer Ridge, Deer Run, Diamond Cove, Lake Bonavista, Legacy, McKenzie Lake, Midnapore , Mountain Park, Parkland, Queensland , Sundance, Walden, Wolf Willow