May 2022 Ward 2 Report – Councillor Jennifer Wyness


Pilot Launches May 1 to Allow Bikes on LRT Without Time Restrictions

I have heard from many residents that they are constantly boarding empty CTrain cars during their morning commutes. In an attempt to increase Transit ridership, I put forward a Notice of Motion at the March 30 Council Meeting to launch a temporary pilot project to explore allowing all bicycles on CTrains during all hours of operation, including peak commuting hours. Previously, only folding bicycles were permitted during weekday peak periods between 6:30 am and 9:00 am, and between 3:30 pm and 6:00 pm.

Council approved my motion, and beginning on May 1, 2022, cyclists are now permitted to bring their bikes directly on to CTrains without any time restrictions. This pilot will run until August 31, 2022. After the pilot concludes, City Administration will evaluate the project and recommend next steps to Council.

Thanks to the recent provincial government funding announcement, Transit’s existing resources can now cover any costs arising from this motion. This pilot project is just one way to make it easier for Calgarians to make a sustainable travel choice. My intent for this pilot is to incentivize and encourage those in the outer wards to utilize Transit rather than choosing to drive, especially with gas prices at an all-time high. This pilot has potential to support an increase of ridership by providing access to LRT for communities that are underserved by bus service or for the many Calgarians who live within biking distance to a CTrain station.

I hope you will participate in this pilot and help us get the data needed to find solutions so more people can enjoy our beautiful city and all the services available for Calgarians. Please send your feedback to my office or to 311.

Ward 2 – Councillor Jennifer Wyness proudly serves the following Communities: Arbour Lake, Citadel, Evanston, Hamptons, Hanson Ranch, Hawkwood, Hidden Valley, Kincora, Nolan Hill, Ranchlands, Sage Hill, Sherwood