March 2021 MLA Report – Calgary Acadia – Tyler Shandro

Calgary Acadia

March tends to be a routine month, where most of my time is in Edmonton focused on the Legislature and Question Period. However, I am once again hosting a post-Budget Townhall meeting, to get your input directly. This will be held on March 1 and you can register by calling the constituency office at 403-640-1363 or emailing [email protected]. This event is limited by the size of the virtual format and I encourage you to register asap and bring your thoughts and ideas!

Session is in full swing again, which means a lot of procedures and debate on legislation that most people don’t think about. That’s okay because in our system we elect MLAs and MPs to do our bidding (but you should still keep an eye on us). The fine details and nuances of legalese shouldn’t interest you, but it does impact you directly and these results should be of interest.

If you have any concerns or thoughts about legislation, please contact me through the constituency office.

During COVID, my constituency office has been more important than ever, as I’ve had to focus a lot more on health responsibilities. I am so fortunate to have Tasha running things, and I know she has been able to answer many of your questions quicker than waiting for me. Please continue to contact us and we’ll ensure a prompt reply!

I hope you and your families are doing okay as this long pandemic drags on. I am confident that as Alberta gets vaccine supplies, we can administer them quickly. There are often forces at work outside Alberta that impact us, but once the vaccine is here, it is being distributed effectively. This will pass and we will return to normal.

Stay strong and thank you!

Tyler Shandro

MLA – Calgary Acadia Tyler Shandro proudly serves the following Communities: Acadia, Alyth, Bonnybrook, Burns Industrial, Canyon Meadows, East Fairview Industrial, Fairview, Fairview Industrial, Glendeer Business Park, Haysboro, Highfield, Kingsland, Manchester, Manchester Industrial, Maple Ridge, Southwood, Willow Park