May 2021 MLA Report – Calgary Acadia – Tyler Shandro

Calgary Acadia

As May settles in and we enjoy the change in weather the world seems a better place. We’re not through the pandemic but it certainly feels like we’re well past the worst of it.

Whether the flowers are blooming, the grass is greener, or there is just no ice left in those shadowy spots, it feels good to know the renewal of spring is upon us.

I was recently thinking about the Grade 12 grads in our community and the challenge they’ve had to face and overcome. Their ability to bounce-back will help define their generation. That’s obviously good and bad. Bad in the sense we’ll always wonder if we could have done more to prevent it (although previous governments in Alberta recognized the reality after SARS and took action). Good in the sense that resilience comes to all of us throughout our lives as we face and overcome challenges. They’ve had to learn that lesson earlier than we’d have liked.

As your MLA, my goal is to ensure that I’m there to help you if any of your challenges involve the provincial government. Government has a purpose in our society and while none of us like paying taxes the reality is they pay for the services we want.

My goal is to ensure those services are effective and efficient, but equally to work to ensure the care provided is based on the compassion for others that helps defines us as Canadians. Compassion and government are not two words we usually associate but as we move past the worst of COVID-19 we’ll need to ask questions about what’s next and how we want our society to operate.

But for now, let’s get outside and enjoy the fresh air and renewal of spring!


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