April 2021 MLA Report – Calgary Edgemont – Prasad Panda

Calgary Edgemont

The past year has brought some of the greatest challenges that communities in Alberta have ever faced. Addressing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rebuilding our economy, and defending our province from an intrusive federal government are certainly daunting tasks. However, Albertans are a resilient and entrepreneurial people, who will emerge from these uncertain times stronger than ever before.

With Budget 2021, Alberta’s government is building on the strengths of our province and reaffirming the commitments we made to the voters who put their trust in us. This includes a record-high investment in health care of $21.4 billion, $20 billion in infrastructure projects to create 90,000 jobs starting right now, and $944 million towards Alberta’s unrivaled agriculture sector, tourism, and technology. We have also allocated $500 million in contingency to take advantage of economic diversification opportunities that come our way this year.

In the next three years, Calgary will see the completion of some important Government of Alberta projects. These include the Calgary Cancer Centre, the Calgary Ring Road, the North Calgary High School, a new building for the Alberta Court of Appeal, and 198 beds for the Carewest Bridgeland-Riverside Continuing Care Centre. This is much needed infrastructure for our city that will also provide many jobs and other economic benefits.

Alberta’s government was elected on the understanding that we would govern with a prudent approach to taxation and spending that previous government’s lacked. This is why Budget 2021 was anchored in sound fiscal principals that will put us back on the path to a balanced budget, and bring spending in line with provinces like BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

Times remain tough, but I know Albertans are tougher. While extraordinary circumstances have forced us into an economic situation no one could have predicted, we will emerge stronger than before.

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