December 2020 MLA Report – Calgary Elbow – Doug Schweitzer

Calgary Elbow Doug Schweitzer

Despite What You May Have Heard, Your Parks Will Go On

Albertans value and cherish their provincial parks. These precious public lands protect and preserve our rich natural beauty for people from across the province and the entire world to enjoy.

It should go without saying that Alberta’s government also cherishes these parks. That’s why it has invested $43 million this year alone in upgrading them.

Alberta’s parks will continue to be open and accessible for all to enjoy. All sites remain fully protected and owned by Alberta Environment and Parks. No current sites will be industrially developed.

But we are in a time of fiscal restraint and Albertans elected the UCP government to make difficult decisions. That means government must find ways of saving money without too much disruption to service delivery.

When it comes to how Albertans enjoy parks, the answer lies in teamwork.

Unlike some who believe government should run every aspect of our parks – the UCP believes that grassroots organizations and Indigenous groups are just as, if not more, capable of helping to deliver park services as the government – and often at a much better value for taxpayers.

Over the next year, Alberta Environment and Parks will enter into new partnership agreements to help manage park services. These partnerships will be like the one recently announced with Nordiq Alberta – a non-profit organization – to ensure winter trails in Kananaskis Country are groomed for skiers.

Partnerships with organizations like Nordiq Alberta are key to preserving and maintaining our provincial parks. It is important to note that Alberta’s government has been partnering with community groups and grassroots organizations to help manage provincial parks and recreational areas since 1932.

Working with Indigenous groups will be particularly important in this effort. Indigenous peoples have been stewarding our land for thousands of years, and understand how to protect and preserve it better than anyone. Alberta’s government looks forward to entering into more partnership agreements with Indigenous groups who can help manage the future of our parks system.

Those who are concerned that their recreation opportunities could be impacted by these changes can rest assured that will not happen. Parks and public lands remain accessible for recreation and enjoyment. This is all good news for Albertans who love their parks and the recreation opportunities they provide.

Our UCP caucus just launched My Parks Will Go On, a campaign to counter the misinformation about our plan for Alberta’s parks.

Alberta’s parks belong to Albertans, and it’s going to stay that way.

We encourage you to visit to find out more information about how the government is protecting parks for all Albertans.

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