January 2020 MLA Report – Calgary Elbow – Doug Schweitzer

Calgary Elbow Doug Schweitzer

Preparing for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

Alberta’s government is fully prepared to receive and distribute COVID-19 vaccines, and up to 435,000 Albertans will be offered a vaccine in the first quarter of 2021. Government has appointed a COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force to be chaired by Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs, and former Commander of the Canadian Army, retired Lt.-Gen. Paul Wynnyk. Alberta’s government will not make vaccinations mandatory but will encourage as many Albertans as possible to receive the vaccination when they are able. Vaccinations will be provided free of charge.

Harnessing the power of civil society

Alberta’s government is keeping its commitment to expand civil society capacity and help reduce social issues in Alberta, by launching the new Civil Society Fund. Civil society plays a critical role in the well-being of Albertans and contributes significantly to Alberta’s economy. The $20 million fund will help leverage the existing strengths of civil society organizations to better address social problems and improve supports. The fund will provide $20 million over three years, with $7 million budgeted for 2020-21 to support civil society’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Civil Society Fund is part of the government’s election commitment to harness the power of civil society.

Building roads

During the 2020 construction season, almost $1 billion was invested in more than 150 projects across Alberta. These projects will be built over the next few years and support more than 9,200 jobs. Budget 2020 invested $5.7 billion, over three years, in the Provincial Construction Program for planning, design, and construction of roads and bridges, Capital Maintenance and Renewal (CMR) funding for smaller construction and rehabilitation projects, water management and flood recovery projects, and capital grants. Alberta’s Recovery Plan doubled CMR funding to expedite projects that address economic challenges stemming from COVID-19.

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