May 2022 MLA Report – Calgary Fishcreek – Richard Gotfried

Calgary Fish Creek

Days are getting longer, and the sun higher in the sky, as the wonderful month of May is upon us. Skiing and golfing on the same day anyone? May flowers are starting to bloom as we rejoice in the splendours of the season. While COVID has occupied much of our lives over the last two years, I am thrilled to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, and hopeful that this summer will be filled with the many gatherings, events and festivities we all cherish. Despite the challenges we have faced, it is time to heal together, prove our resilience, and to show the world the strength of our community spirit.

Albertans have been working hard over the last few years to lay the groundwork for investment attraction, job creation and economic recovery. Low corporate tax rates, and red tape reduction help to attract businesses and to rekindle our entrepreneurial spirit, while creating jobs and career opportunities across many sectors. The recent announcement by De Havilland Canada to relocate their Head Office to Calgary and to invest in Alberta is good news, while signalling the creation of 100s of long-term, well-paying jobs in a diversified economy. Our tech sector continues to grow while film, and television saw its best year ever. We’ve also seen five major hydrogen projects announced, a booming oil and gas sector and more new and diversified investments in our province announced every single day.

These new investments will provide greater career choice and opportunity for Albertans, while leading us to a better, more sustainable quality of life. It means more opportunities for investment in healthcare, schools, childcare, roads, and other critical infrastructure as Alberta’s future looks ever brighter in the years ahead, with the first balanced Budget in 14 years, over 130,000 jobs added, $54 billion in new investment and the fastest growth and lowest taxes in Canada. As your representative in Edmonton, I will continue to stand up and fight for the best interests of Calgary-Fish Creek families who call our beautiful communities home.

Session is scheduled to go into early June, with a constituency week May 16th. I will be hosting one of my signature “MLA Café’s” on Monday May 16th from 6:30pm-8pm with a guest speaker on Health/Seniors. Please watch social media for location or call my office to confirm venue. SAVE the DATE for my annual Stampede BBQ Saturday July 9th 11-2pm.

As always, your calls and emails help me to advocate for your priorities, so please continue to contact the office. Keep well, stay safe and Happy Spring!

MLA – Calgary Fishcreek Richard Gotfried proudly serves the following Communities: Bonavista Downs, Deer Ridge, Deer Run, Diamond Cove, Lake Bonavista, Midnapore , Parkland, Queensland , Sundance