October 2021 MLA Report – Calgary South East – Matt Jones

Calgary South East

Alberta is, and always has been, a leader in the aviation and aerospace sectors.

From the bush pilots who give access to the northernmost corners of our province, to the elite fighter pilots who hone their skills at CFB Cold Lake, to the cargo workers who ensure we get the goods and products we need – Alberta’s entrepreneurial spirit has never been limited to the land.

Alberta’s government is eager to build on our province’s success in the aviation and aerospace sectors, which is why, this week, we announced a new Strategic Aviation Advisory Council. Part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, this new Council will advise government on how the aviation and aerospace sectors can boost economic growth in Alberta. To put that into real terms, the Council will make recommendations on infrastructure, pilot training, air cargo services, aerospace research and development, as well as aviation services to support agriculture and emergency medical and fire response.

Here’s just one example of the kind of new horizons innovators in the aviation and aerospace sectors are exploring. Pegasus Imagery, an aerospace company based at the Villeneuve Airport near Edmonton, is building remotely piloted aircrafts that can fly for up to ten hours and help first responders fight wildfires and other natural disasters more effectively. Pegasus Imagery was started by a former military paratrooper and is a prime example of the kind of innovation Albertans are bringing to our skies.

Aviation has a very bright future in Alberta. With WestJet and Flair Airlines headquartered here, our innovation in drones and unmanned flight, and our strong advantages as a continental logistics hub, we are poised for tremendous growth.

The Strategic Aviation Advisory Council will take these strengths and build on them, proving that when it comes to Alberta, the sky is not the limit.

MLA – Calgary South East Matt Jones proudly serves the following Communities: Auburn Bay, Cranston, Mahogany, Seton