June 2020 MP Report – Calgary Forest Lawn – Jasraj Singh Hallan


After months of anxiety over the COVID-19 pandemic, it finally feels like there is good news on the horizon. As Alberta begins to re-open its economy, I hope that as many of you as possible can start back at the jobs you had before this started.

For those of you who are still struggling, my office is here to help guide you through some of the programs that are available to help. There is also a website to help walk you through any of the federal government programs that are available; www.canada.ca/coronavirusbenefits

We know that the months ahead will test the grit of Albertans. There is a lot of work to do to fully re-open our economy, get businesses back on track, and more importantly, regain our confidence and leadership. 

I am working closely with my colleagues in Ottawa to make sure your voice, the views of proud Albertans, continue to be raised in Parliament. Conservatives have focused on putting forward constructive solutions and working collaboratively with the government to ensure that Canadians get the support that they need and that the free market economy can begin to reopen.  

Should you have questions or concerns not answered here, please contact my office at [email protected] or at 403-207-3030.   

Better days are yet to come. 

MP – Calgary Forest Lawn Jasraj Singh Hallan proudly serves the following Communities: Abbeydale, Albert Park-Radisson Heights, Applewood Park, Belfast, Belvedere, Coral Springs, Forest Heights, Forest Lawn, Franklin, Marlborough, Marlborough Park , Mayland, Mayland Heights, Meridian, Monterey Park, Penbrooke Meadows, Pineridge, Red Carpet, Rundle, Southview, Sunridge, Vista Heights