April 2021 MP Report – Calgary Heritage – Bob Benzen

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Violent crime is a serious problem requiring serious solutions. Unfortunately, the current government’s approach is seriously misguided.

Last spring, an Order-in-Council banned 1,500 types of firearms. They were misleadingly referred to as “assault-style” but are mostly sporting firearms with modern styling. Such bans have failed everywhere. Bill C-21 introduced a framework to compensate owners of these firearms. The money spent on compensation and administration of this program would be better spent on stopping those smuggling illegal guns into Canada and distributing them to gangs. Owners who reject the government’s compensation offer will be prohibited from using them, seriously infringing on their property rights. C-21 would also allow cities to ban handguns, which are already strictly regulated. Since municipalities are under provincial jurisdiction, C-21 will face constitutional challenges, and create an administrative nightmare with a patchwork of different rules across the country. Bill C-22 would reduce mandatory minimum penalties for many offenses. While some of these changes may be worth considering, eliminating mandatory minimums for serious firearms crimes sends entirely the wrong message.

Clearly something does need to be done about violence. But what?

We should stop targeting the law-abiding firearms community and reduce their bureaucratic burden. Every dollar spent on paperwork is not spent reducing violence. We need better data and analysis to develop sensible policies. We need closer follow-up on criminals who violate firearms laws (amazingly, no one even tracks those with Firearms Prohibition Orders!). Finally, we need to ensure penalties for using weapons in crime are large enough and certain enough to convince criminals to leave their guns and knives at home.

In short, we must directly target violent crime.

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