May 2021 MP Report – Calgary Heritage – Bob Benzen

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Canadians want their tax dollars spent on programs that make their lives better and our country stronger, not interest payments. That simple truth guided governments from the mid-1990s until 2015 but seems forgotten in the recent budget. Even before emergency spending on Covid-19, the current government ran multibillion dollar deficits in prosperous times. Then the record deficit of almost $400 billion last year pushed the federal debt to almost a trillion dollars. Now the 2021 budget appears to have embraced massive deficit spending as the new normal. But we cannot spend our way to prosperity. Trying to pick winners and subsidize employment in fashionable sectors leads only to industries reliant on ever greater handouts and a vicious cycle of dependency and debt. As our debt grows and inflationary pressures push interest rates up, more and more tax dollars will be diverted to the payment of interest rather than services to Canadians.

There is a better way. To reduce our debt burden, we need a bold plan to double our economy in size, to create so many jobs that no one needs the income assistance programs introduced during the pandemic. We must harness the creative energies of Canadians everywhere and in every industry, not just those that fit with a trendy agenda. That means lower taxes—across the board, not just for favoured friends. It means streamlined regulatory processes and less red tape thwarting our job creators. And it means an end to the mindset that anyone with a grievance, real or imagined, has a right to shut down the economy. We must attract investment, not repel it; reward job creation, not penalize it; and empower creativity, not stifle it. Only by being bold can we overcome today’s challenges and leave future generations a strong, free Canada that can afford to provide a clean environment, opportunity for all and help for those truly in need.

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MP – Calgary Heritage Bob Benzen proudly serves the following Communities: Bayview, Braeside, Bridlewood, Canyon Meadows, Cedarbrae, Chinook Park, Eagle Ridge, Evergreen, Evergreen Estates, Haysboro, Kelvin Grove, Kingsland, Lakeview, Oakridge, Palliser, Pumphill, Southwood, Woodbine, Woodlands