Hanson Ranch Community Babysitters


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Age: 20 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 20Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Hanson Ranch


Age: 15 years oldGender: MaleHourly Rate: $8-10 negotiableBabysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Hanson Ranch

I’m able to take care of toddler and school aged kids and happy to play games and tell them stories too. I’m in grade 7 and go to Valley Creek School.  My hobbies are playing guitar ,trumpet in our school band, swimming and cooking.


Age: 18 years oldGender: MaleHourly Rate: $10Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Hanson Ranch

I am a very responsible person, with both children, and school.  I am involved in hockey and baseball.  I have experience babysitting all ages from baby to just under my own age.  I am 13 years old.  If you are interested in having me babysit for you, please call my mom at 403-295-6065.

Babysitters from nearby communities


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $8-10 per hourBabysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Edgemont

Hi, my name is Abbey Wright, I am 14 years old and I am looking forward to babysitting your child. I have taken both the babysitting and first aid courses with Childsafe Canada, and I love spending time with children, so I would be the perfect fit for any of your needs! I am available every day of the week except Tuesdays and Thursdays and am sometimes available on short notice.  Thank you for considering me and I promise you will be satisfied with the services I have to offer!


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $10Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Hidden Valley

I have no allergies and I’m good with any pets. I’m ready to cook simple meals and go outside. I speak both English and French. I am ready to help with any homework or reading and will not immediately put your child in front of the TV


Age: 15 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $10 – $13Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: yesLives in: Citadel

Hi!  I am a grade 8 student at St. Brigid school in Citadel and I am looking to make some extra money.  I have looked after my brother on numerous occasions and have done other babysitting jobs as well.  I would love to help you out with your babysitting needs!  Please call Annika – Call: (403) 282-2659


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $8 an hourBabysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Hidden Valley


Age: 18 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: One child $10 two $15 three+ $20Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: noLives in: Citadel

I love helping around especially taking care of kids. People always leave their kids with me, most of the kids I take care of are about 10 months or 1-3 years old but all ages are fine with me. Some of the things I like to do in my free time are arts and crafts, going outside and playing with kids or my friends. I play 3 instalments piano flute and a little guitar.


Age: 19 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 15.00Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Edgemont


Age: 19 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: negotiableBabysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Citadel


Age: 19 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $12Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Edgemont

Hi, I’m Eman. I’m 15 years old and starting grade 10. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and recently I completed the Standard First Aid course with Level C CPR, and also I have gotten my Bronze Medallion (the Bronze Medallion includes water safety, rescues, resuscitation, and an introduction to spinal injury management.) For three years now I’ve been going to Kamp Kiwanis’ Leadership program to help me along the way to becoming a camp counselor there. I love doing art and crafts with kids, and going outside.I’m happy to babysit whenever on the weekend as long as I’m not there till the sun comes up. On a weekday however, is a bit trickery because I’m at school, I may be available after 4 but I cant stay past 9. If you’d like me to babysit for you please give me a call, thanks!


Age: 16 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $10.00Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: yesLives in: Hidden Valley

I have recently received my Red Cross Babysitting certificate.  I am a dedicated and responsible person.  My mom is available as a back up in case I have any questions.  Your children will be well looked after and entertained and will look forward to repeat visits. I always spend time with the child and we will have a nice, safe time.


Age: 23 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $7Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Edgemont

I love children and animals. I enjoy  playing and reading with children. I was a volunteer at the Nosehill Library with the Reading Buddies program last year. I currently volunteer at the Edgemont Retirement Centre on.


Age: 14 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 7Babysitter Co