Harvest Hills Community Babysitters


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Age: 20 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 10$Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Harvest Hills


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $7.00Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Harvest Hills

Hi my name is Claire and I am 15. I love kids and enjoy spending time with them. I am caring and very responsible. I am very calm under pressure and know what to do in an emergency. I have experience babysitting children ages 1-11 but I am willing to babysit children ages 6 months to 12 years. Call me if you need a sitter!


Age: 18 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $8/h + $2 per extra childBabysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Harvest Hills

I charge $8 an hour plus $2 per extra child. I have 2 younger siblings I take care of most of the time. I am very gentle and caring. I have taken courses on babysitting and first aid and CPR and I am certified.  I am very reliable and trust worthy, my first priority is the babies or the children I am responsible for.  I follow rules very intently and I do not do anything without permission from my client.  I always make an effort to straiten up the home after the children are asleep, I always leave the house as I found it. I babysit babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school aged children. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact me, just be cautious on weekdays because I am a student, I can not answer your calls during class so please do not take any offence if I do not answer your call, if I am not able call you back, you can contact me after 4:00. I babysit in both Harvest Hills, and Hillurst, other communities are negotiable. I do currently have 2 phone numbers, My dad (403)870-9058, and My mom (403)613-9057 because unfortunately, my own phone broke. You can also Email me at: [email protected] if none of those numbers work.Thank you so much, and have a great day!


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $6-$10Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Harvest Hills

I will be 13 in February and I love kids.  I have volunteered at Centre Street Church in the children’s area for a few years.   I am very responsible and I am a hard worker.  I enjoy playing with the kids, and kids really like me as well.  I try not to use the tv as a babysitter.  I can provide references upon request. I can cook small meals, I enjoy baking, and I will clean up after myself.

Babysitters from nearby communities


Age: 16 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 10$Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Coventry Hills

My name is Alex and I’m 14 Years old, I’m available sometimes on weeknights, but always the weekend and I will be free for most of july and august.  I have taken my Babysitting and CPR course.  I have experience babysitting and also volunteering as a sparks junior leader.  I can cook clean and I don’t mind changing a few diapers.  I speak English and French. I enjoy playing instruments specifically guitar and flute.  I love working with children and I don’t mind pets either!


Age: 19 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 14Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Coventry Hills


Age: 15 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 12$Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Country Hills

Hi, I’m Ava, I am a mature, responsible 13 years old I love to assist all children all ages but prefer over the age of 2 and am fully available to babysit full-time through weekends, evenings and holidays. I have lots of experience with children and work my hardest to provide a comfortable, good environment where I get to know your child. I am comfortable with pets as well and have been with young children for my whole life. I charge 12 dollars per hour and 5 dollars for the second child. My email is [email protected] , and I can’t wait to hear from you.


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 6.00$Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: yesLives in: Coventry Hills

I am a very hard working and responsible person. I have a lot of experience with babysitting my younger sister. I love kids. I am able to prepare meals , I can help with homework, bathing, putting them to bed and also reading books. I can babysit from ages 6 months – 10 years.


Age: 19 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 18Babysitter Course: noFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Coventry Hills


Age: 30 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 15-25Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Coventry Hills

I have extensive experience in working with children in a professional capacity. My experience includes working in nurseries and also babysitting and on a private basis. I enjoy working with children and find it to be an extremely rewarding experience. I feel that I have all the necessary qualities that make a good babysitter I am playful, active, responsible, experienced, negotiable, sensitive, trustworthy, on-time, patient, authoritative, skilled, and tenacious. I make sure that when I am working I take great care and exercise all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of the children. I am multi-skilled and happy to teach your children, and help with homework as well during the time I spend with them. I am also happy to tidy up after them and cook for them. I have a friendly and approachable approach but I tend to keep my authority by making it clear what is not good behavior. I am myself very respectful to your home and house rules while I am working. I hope that you would like to meet with me so that you can see if I am an appropriate fit to baby sit your children. If you are interested please e-mail me at [email protected] ot call 587-707-1950 either way I will contact you as soon as possible.


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $13-$14Babysitter Course: noFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Coventry Hills

Hi! I’m Didiane. Im 16 years and i’m currently in grade 11. After highschool I am planning to go to either business or nursing field because I am very much a people person. I was born in Montreal but grew up here