HH-BH’s July President’s Message

Hounsfield pm

It has been three months since the ordered closure of the HH-BH Community Centre to restrict public gathering due to COVID-19, and through the diligent efforts of the Board Directors and our General Manager, the Community Centre is being readied for re-opening later this summer upon lifting of the Alberta Health order. In particular, improvements have been made to the Community Centre, including the refinishing of the gym floor, the expansion of the wi-fi service for community centre users, and interior repainting. Plans to upgrade the public washrooms using sustainable plumbing and electrical fixtures are also underway to reduce our utility costs and be environmentally responsible.

During this period, we took actions to release our Play School and Community Centre staff with exception of our General Manager and Book Keeper to preserve the financial viability of the Play School and the Community Association. Staff were provided reasonable separation adjustments and prospects for return when normal business resumes. Remaining expenses have been adjusted to minimize the negative impact and negate any request for community association assistance from the City.

For the 2020/2021 Play School Year, the CA will be transitioning a stronger governance and administrative support role in concert with the Play School Committee to ensure success for both the play school offerings to parents and children and for the operational and financial viability of the Play School. Organically over the next few months, the Play School Committee and the CA will engage in discussions on how to the Play School can best serve the community, parents and children through both curriculum and education standards.

Through the summer, we will be working with the community to establish seniors programs and activities to better serve the community residents and increase utilization of the Community Centre.

The HH-BH Board of Directors are working hard to keep you informed (thank you, Laura Marie Berg), safe (thank you, Michelle LeGrandeur), and engaged (thank you, Carol Sandahl, Patricia Leahy, and Jeff Marsh). Have a great summer!


Terry Wong

HH-BH Comm. Association President