Copperfield’s December Update for the Outdoor Rinks

Mahogany Copperfield cn MAH

The hockey rink and tot rink are located at the Copperfield Community Hall at 6 Copperstone Way, they are free for everyone to use and are very popular among residents of Copperfield.

Helmets are recommended. Skates/helmets are not provided. Skate training aids, hockey sticks, and pucks are available to borrow from the Sports Gear Lending Shed (follow instructions on the sign on the shed).


The rinks are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, unless otherwise posted on the Copperfield Rink Facebook page ( If the lights are off, the rink volunteers are performing maintenance.


Our amazing group of rink volunteers take care of our rinks on top of their jobs and their family life. Maintenance generally occurs after 8:00 pm. Flooding can only occur between -5 and -20 degrees. If it is too cold or too warm, please be patient. We promise the volunteers will get back out there as soon as possible! If you see these folks out working, please give them a wave and a thank you for their time.

Once the weather is consistently below -5, our volunteers will start flooding for this season. In recent years this has been in December, however, we are completely at the mercy of the weather so please bear with us. We will announce on our Facebook page when the rinks are ready for use.


If you are interested in helping out at the rink this season, please contact [email protected]. Also join the Copperfield Rink Facebook group to stay up to date on volunteer needs or the rink schedule.

Rink Rules

  • Use of facilities and parking lot is at your own risk
  • Keep service doors at parking lot end closed
  • Alcohol and Cannabis are not permitted on the premises
  • Lights On = Skates On | Lights Off = Stay Off
  • Please be respectful of other skaters and of the ice rinks
  • No hockey on the tot rink

Please Note: These rinks are for community use and are not intended for league use or practices.