Douglas Glen Community Babysitters

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Age: 20 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 15Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

Hi there, my name is Aleisha. I am 18 years old and recently graduated high school in 2017. I have worked with the YMCA for 3 years now, working with children of all ages, genders and needs in day camps and overnight camps. I have experience working with infants, toddlers, children and preteens. I also have experience working with kids who have mild to severe allergies and special needs. When working with children I always make sure that when doing activities to incorporate a little bit of learning into them, whether it’s basic math like counting or words. From working with the YMCA their four core values have been embedded in how I interact and teach children. I make sure that they learn responsibility, caring, respect and honesty. I believe that these values are essential for a child’s development. I am very artsy, so when interacting with children it’s usually something to with arts, whether that’s crafts, painting,building, singing, dancing or music.


Age: 16 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $10.00Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Quarry Park


Age: 22 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 20Babysitter Course: noFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: yesLives in: Quarry Park

Hello,   I am recently graduated and just moved to Calgary from Virginia. I have had experience caretaking for children, pets and homes, and would love to connect regarding future possibilities. Feel free to contact me by phone or email, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Age: 21 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 8.00Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

I am 17 years old and have just finished grade 11. I do very well in school, and in my spare time I play competitive soccer and volunteer at elementary schools and at the Calgary Humane Society. I have also been certified in First Aid and CPR multiple times. I am very good with kids and pets and have been babysitting since I was 13.


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 14Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: yesLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

Hello, my name is Charlotte,I am a straight A student in Grade 9. I love sports and any outdoor activities. In addition I play the flute in a band and the piano at home. I have a big brother and a little sister.


Age: 32 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 12-20Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

Every child has a unique personality and disposition. Because of this, every child needs to be cared for differently. I am a reliable caretaker, with experience, knowledge and the necessary professional training in child care. Whether an infant or a toddler, Perfect Child Care will provide your child with the most loving care. I strive to not only care for your child and keep him or her happy in your absence, but to do everything I can to help your child continue to develop and pleasantly surprise you with each passing day!I am flexible, attentive, honest, trustworthy, patient, safety-conscious, loving, enthusiastic, good communicator, experienced, funny, creative, tidy, practical, healthy, reliable, and I enjoy children very much.Please contact me by e-mail [email protected] or call me at 403-471-3089.Thank you for your consideration,Deidra Iverson


Age: 17 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $8-10Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: yesLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

I am a 12 year old honor student finishing grade seven and have had my babysitting certificate for almost two years. I have two young cousins ages 2 and 5, and I love to spend time playing with them. I have had multiple babysitting jobs, and enjoy being around kids. I can entertain children with books, toys, games, crafts, and outdoor activities. I can also do light housekeeping while the children are napping. I am responsible, always on time, and your kids will not be bored while you are away!


Age: 19 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: NegotiableBabysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

<p>&lt;p&gt;Hi! I’m Elizabeth,  I’m a very inventive creative person who loves kids. I have lots of experience with children as I have a younger sister (13) and a younger brother (3). I look forward to getting to know you and your lovely children!&lt;/p&gt;</p>


Age: 19 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 13Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

I’m the oldest of 3 so I have plenty of experience. I’ve always been a caretaker at heart. I’d love to meet up with you and find out if we are a good match!


Age: 14 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $10Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Douglasdale – Glen

My name is Emma and I’m 12 years old, going into grade 7 at Mountain Park School. I have taken a babysitting course and have watched a few younger cousins (ages 2-7). I enjoy the outdoors/ sports and doing crafts. I can cook/ make basic meals (pasta, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc). My hours are quite flexible on weekends and most weeknights are free. I consider myself very good with kids and responsible. Hobbies/ skills: horse riding, dance, playing the ukulele, hanging out with friends, and at school I participate in patrols (road safety).


Age: 16 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $12.00 – $16.00Babysitter Course: yesFirs