Wildwood Community Babysitters


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Age: 15 years oldGender: MaleHourly Rate: 10Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Wildwood

I have successfully completed the Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course. I am very good with kids and would be looking to babysit kids around 5+ years old. I am activity oriented and would make sure to play and have fun with your kid. I don’t have to much experience, however, I am very responsible and truthful. I am normally available on the weekends and Friday nights in the day or at night until 11:30.


Age: 23 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 14Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Wildwood


Age: 23 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 15Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: yesLives in: Wildwood

Hi, I’m Sarah! I have been babysitting on and off in my community for the past 8 years or so  for kids of all ages. I also work at Rundle College Elementary for their after school sports programs, as well as as a camp counsellor at their summer camps. I’m a recent Dalhousie graduate and am looking to get back into babysitting part-time now that I’m back in Calgary! Hope to hear from you soon!

Babysitters from nearby communities


Age: 25 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 14Babysitter Course: noFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Spruce Cliff

Hi Everyone! My name is Alexis, and I am currently looking to pick up some babysitting shifts over summer! I have plenty of experience working as a nanny and have spent the past year working for two great families who would gladly give me a reference if you would like one. I am certified in Child Care CPR and First Aid which I can send you a copy of if you would like. I have also done some work with special needs children as well and am willing to do so again. When it comes to availability I am looking for some evening shifts here and there. For a bit about me, I am 22 and in school to take a Social Work Diploma! I’m a really fun and goofy person and I love working with kids! I’ve recently become a very active person and go to the gym and spend a lot of time outside with my dogs. I’m very respectful and patient and always on time as well. I really look forward to hearing from you and your family! Thanks, Alexis


Age: 20 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 5 – 10$/hBabysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Spruce Cliff

I am a 15 year old teenage girl who would love to take care of your children. It would be my pleasure to read, teach and help out. My hobbies include playing music, write, play games, read and play sports. I am available after 4 pm on any weekdays and any time on weekends. I look forward to meeting and working with you! 🙂


Age: 33 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: $12-$15Babysitter Course: noFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Rosscarrock

Hi there,My name is Cathy. I work full-time in a Medical Clinic and is looking for a babysitting job ONLY on Fridays and Saturdays @08:00AM – 11:00PM. I have many years of experience in babysitting and I can guarantee that your little ones will be in good hands under my care. I also have an active First Aid / CPR AED Level C.I prefer to babysit at my place as I have a little one too. (2 year old)If you are interested, please feel free to reach me thru text/call @403 390 8600.Thanks,Cathy


Age: 48 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 18Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Rosscarrock

I’ve been a nanny for 6 yrs and until now I am still working as nanny.I love kids so much that’s why i cannot leave this kind of work.Thanks and have a great day to everyone.


Age: 15 years oldGender: MaleHourly Rate: 12Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Westgate


Age: 29 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 16Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Rosscarrock

Hi, I’m already working as a nanny full-time and I’m looking for some babysitting on the side. I’m working with a 9 years old little girl and I also worked with other families with younger kids. I love to be around and play with them. You can also give me some chores to do by the time they are sleeping. I doesn’t like to do nothing. An other asset, if you like it, I’m from Quebec City and I speak french, maybe I can teach your kids a little bit. :DLet me know if you are interesting and to see if my disponibilities goes along with your needs. PS. I have my own car. 🙂


Age: 18 years oldGender: MaleHourly Rate: 10.00Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: noCPR Certified: noLives in: Rosscarrock

Thank you for visiting my profile.  I am 14 years old and would love to babysit for you.  I am a Calgary Police Cadet and community volunteer.  I am highly responsible, patient, dedicated and enjoy being a positive role model to younger children.  Thank you again for your consideration.


Age: 28 years oldGender: FemaleHourly Rate: 15Babysitter Course: noFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Rosscarrock

I am a single mother of one, two year old daughter that will be accompanying me. I work at goodlife fitness at the moment in the childcare so I am very comfortable with any age. By trade I am a hairdresser.  I love being outside, exploring new activities and having fun!


Age: 13 years oldGender: MaleHourly Rate: 13$Babysitter Course: yesFirst Aid Training: yesCPR Certified: yesLives in: Westgate

I am 11 years old I will be willing to babysit at Glenbrook and westgate.my hourly pay will be 13$ I can babysit after 4pm (because I have school)and great sense of humor I prefer to babysit children under 5 but any age under 6 is ok contact me at 403 671 1404.