About Wine: La Kiuva, Rouge de Vallée

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2017, La Kiuva, Rouge de Vallée, Arnad – Aosta Vallée, Italy

About the Region: High in the Alps of the northwest corner of Italy the Aosta Vallée rests 40 kms from the borders of France and Switzerland. It sits @ 500 metres and is Italy’s smallest wine region (250 hectares.) A bilingual commune, Italian and French are spoken interchangeably.

A picturesque cobblestone village of 1,300, Pied de Ville-Arnad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

About the Maker: Founded in 1975, La Kiuva is a cooperative of 60 small growers encompassing a total of only 15 hectares. The largest being 1.5 hectares (the size of a football field,) the smallest consisting of six lonely vines.

About the Blend: Rouge de Vallée is a blend of local grapes, the main (70%) being Picotendro; a Nebbiolo clone partial to the altitude, wind and sparse terrain of the Aosta. Other blending partners include little-known varietals Gros Ven, Neyret, Fumin, and Cornalin.

About Terroir: Arid Continental climactic extremes, steep slopes and thin glacial sandy deposits atop blue-green granite are typical of the Aosta.

About Sustainability: Family owned vineyards following organic practices.

La Kiuva agronomists conduct bi-weekly vine inspections supporting vineyard health and avoiding synthetic treatments.

About the Wine: An elegant pale ruby in-glass, complex aromas of leather and cherry create anticipation. Light-bodied and refreshing on the palate, crisp cranberry and red fruit flavours highlight the long, clean finish.

About Pairing: Turkey with cranberry, herb-rubbed lamb and cheese fondue.

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CSPC# 807762

About Price: $32