A Different Valentine


Where is my heart these days…

Gone in many directions, in many ways.

Help is needed, compassion too

Just look around, there’s lots we can do.

I’ve seen the snow angels

In my neighbourhood.

Their work has been tiring,

But the results are truly good.

I’ve seen a car slip and slide

Instantly, a cheerful crew of help arrived!

Has a new neighbour moved in next door?

Go pay a friendly visit, take fruit and cookies galore.

Remember to listen more than to speak

It’s the reason we have one mouth, two ears

People can tell when you sincerely care

In efforts to calm their troubles and fears.

The cost to help others is your time.

We do have a surplus these days

I’m sure you’ll agree

The peace in your heart, a gift from above

It’s a sweet heavenly valentine to you and to me.