Things To Do in December


by Kyla McDonald

Despite how cold and snowy December is, the holiday season and the end of another year brings a feeling of joy and nostalgia to many. Whether you’re creating new traditions, following a family recipe, or just trying to stay warm, here are twelve things you can do this month. Happy holidays!

  1. Decorate gingerbread houses
  2. Watch your favorite holiday movies
  3. Go for a drive to see the Christmas lights around the city
  4. Make your own ornaments or paper chain countdown decorations
  5. Build a snowman or snow angels or a snow fort
  6. Bake cookies or other holiday treats
  7. Write letters to Santa Clause
  8. Add cheer to your front door by DIY-ing a wreath or take the non-traditional approach with other winter themed decorations or items like vintage skates decorated for the season
  9. Go ice skating or sledding
  10. Donate to or volunteer at a local charity or shelter (restrictions permitting)
  11. Try out a new festive cocktail
  12. Cozy up with your favourite holiday book and a homemade cup of hot chocolate