Things To Do in January


By Kyla McDonald

Welcome to the new year! January can feel particularly cold and isolating, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Hopefully these recommendations will help to bring you a sense of normalcy and get you out of those dreaded January blues. With that, here are ten things to do in January to experience the season.

  1. Build a snowman or a snow fort
  2. Go ice skating or sledding
  3. Start a new book
  4. Make snow angels
  5. Head out to the mountains to go downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing
  6. Perfect your favourite comfort food recipe
  7. Clean out your closet – donate anything you no longer wear
  8. Create a list of things you would like to accomplish this year
  9. Have a movie marathon: pick a theme or watch your favourite actor’s whole repertoire. Don’t forget to pop a big bowl of popcorn!
  10. Cuddle up by the fire with your favourite hot drink of choice for the season