Things To Do in November


by Kyla McDonald

Between visiting pumpkin patches, staying warm around a fire, and starting a new autumn book, there are plenty of ways to stay busy this month, even if the dreaded snow falls earlier than expected… though, we live in Calgary, is the snow ever really unexpected? Here are twelve things to do in November to experience the season.

  1. Go for a drive out to the mountains
  2. Host a (social distanced) pie swap/drop off with your friends and family
  3. Build an autumn-themed puzzle
  4. Organize a nature scavenger hunt in Fish Creek: Look for acorns, pinecones, and red, orange, and yellow leaves; or you can search for nature scavenger hunts online.
  5. Make your favourite comfort foods
  6. Try a new cider from a local shop
  7. Grab a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and go stargazing
  8. Go thrifting/antiquing
  9. Jump in a pile of leaves or build a snowman – depending on the weather
  10. Get creative and make your own fall or holiday themed wreath or mantelpiece
  11. Start holiday shopping
  12. Curl up by the fire with a good book