What Does a Career Coach Do?

AbsolutVision / Pixabay

by Dr. Hoda Kilani

Are you unsure of the next steps in your life journey?

Whether you are a young or mature adult, reflecting on your future should be a priority. A career coach provides a listening ear that facilitates this reflection. Clients who benefit from this type of support come from different backgrounds. They are students looking for volunteer opportunities to identify their interests; they are young adults who need help defining their path; they are women in transition such as stay-at-home moms looking to enter the workforce; or executives ready for a career change. A career coach is their cheerleader and greatest supporter. He or she helps them envision their future.

While these clients are looking to narrow down their choices, their needs are unique to them. A career coach’s role is to actively listen and provide questions that guide them to successfully create their career story. The process starts with a half-hour consultation which most career coaches offer for free. The purpose of this consultation is twofold. It is an opportunity for you (the client) to meet and decide if the career coach’s expertise, experience, and style of coaching matches the approach you are seeking. The same goes for the career coach who will decide whether or not he or she can provide you with the service you are seeking.

What happens next will depend on the number of sessions that you and your career coach decide are right for you. Services are promoted either as one session/multiple sessions or as specific coaching packages that include one or more services. A single session helps you clarify a specific concern. A 12-month package provides you with in-depth services where the career coach becomes your guide and accountability partner. You schedule monthly meetings, and together you use this time to envision your road to career success.

Career coaching is a collaborative effort where the career coach guides the client, and the client commits to put in the effort. With this commitment comes success. Are you ready to reflect on your career?

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