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Southview Crime Statistics Update

Southview Crime Activity was Down in February 2024 Southview Calgary experienced 4 crimes in February 2024, in comparison to 10 crimes the previous month, and...

Southview Real Estate Statistics Update

In March 2024, the south east Calgary community of Southview had a median home ask price of $569,450 while the median home sold price...
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SOUTHVIEW MORTGAGE BROKER SAVE A BUNCH OF CASH! As a local Southview Mortgage Professional with a dozen years experience, I have helped your neighbors...

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Change to Zoning in Our Community

by Marie Barry, local resident Many residents of Calgary have read or are recently hearing about the City’s upcoming bylaws to change zoning to where...

Navigating Property Dynamics Before and During Divorce

by Chris Matlashewski, Willowridge Realtor Divorce introduces a unique set of challenges, especially in the realm of real estate. To navigate these complexities successfully, a...

Winter Cart Placement Tips

Follow these winter tips to keep your cart collection safe and on schedule: Clear snow and ice to put your carts on even ground....

City of Calgary Updates Regarding Webinars and Secondary Suites

Watch Our Previously Recorded Webinars Looking to renovate your basement or open a business in Calgary? Watch our growing library of recorded webinars on

Help Us Shape Calgary’s Future Floodplain Policies and Regulations

Calgary’s river valleys are essential to our city—they’re at the core of our city’s identity and its appeal as a place to live, work,...

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Profiled above are the last twelve month real estate statistics for the Southview community in Calgary; including number of properties listed, number of properties sold, median asking prices, and median sold prices. To view current Southview Real Estate listings for sale, click here.

Southview: A Dynamic, Diverse Community

Southview is a dynamic community in Southeast Calgary. Situated within the Greater Forest Lawn Area, Southview has thrived since its development in 1950. Its prime location offers residents convenient access to the majestic Bow River and major transportation route.

Community Insights

2020-33 St SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2B 0T7,
[email protected]

The Southview Community Association plays a pivotal role in catering to residents’ needs, offering remarkable facilities like a rental hall and an outdoor skating rink. Recognized as one of Calgary’s top community centres, it features a commercial kitchen, lounge, games room, meeting spaces, and a stage. The association also provides enriching programs for seniors and youth.

Speaking of young ones, Southview is home to Mountain View Elementary School and other esteemed institutions in the surrounding area like Bishop Kidd School, Almadina Language Charter Academy, and Holy Cross Elementary Junior High School

Population and Lifestyle

As per the City of Calgary‘s 2021 Census, Southview boasts a population of 1,550 in private households, with 70% falling within the 15 to 64 age brackets. The community enjoys a median total household income of $70,000, fostering a modest yet comfortable lifestyle.

Inclusivity is ingrained in Southview’s essence, with 19% of its population comprising immigrants and 1% non-permanent residents. Notably, the newly added Journey to Freedom Park and Statue stand as poignant tributes, honouring those who sought freedom in Canada, symbolizing gratitude for the nation’s welcoming spirit by Vietnamese refugees.

Reflecting its diverse makeup, Southview embraces various non-official languages spoken as mother tongues. Approximately 19% of the population in private households speak a non-official language as their mother tongue. The top five languages include Min Nana, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog, and Spanish.

The community comprises 55% owner households and 45% renter households, ensuring a diverse range of housing options to suit individual preferences.