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Cornerstone News

Cornerstone Crime Statistics Update

Cornerstone Crime Activity was Down in February 2024 Cornerstone Calgary experienced 6 crimes in February 2024, in comparison to 8 crimes the previous month, and...

Cornerstone Business Classifieds

CORNERSTONE MORTGAGE BROKER SAVE A BUNCH OF CASH! As a local Cornerstone Mortgage Professional with a dozen years experience, I have helped your neighbors...

Navigating Property Dynamics Before and During Divorce

by Chris Matlashewski, Willowridge Realtor Divorce introduces a unique set of challenges, especially in the realm of real estate. To navigate these complexities successfully, a...

Eating and Dementia

Encouraging someone with Alzheimer's disease or another dementia to eat enough may be a challenge. Here are a few tips that may help. If...
Rental application open on a desktop computer

How to Spot a Credit Check Scam When Apartment Shopping

Moving this summer? Watch out for a new twist on fake rental ads. According to multiple BBB Scam Tracker reports, scammers use fake tenant...

Ask RECA: Can My Home Be Sold Without My Knowledge?

You may have heard recent news stories out of Ontario where homes were sold without the homeowners' knowledge. Shocking, and rare as it is,...

Ask Charles: Condo Governance

“I’ve just been elected to my condo board. How do I know which responsibilities fall under the condo corporation, the condo board, and the...

RECA – Who’s Responsible During Showings?

We’re about to put our house on the market but I’m worried about having strangers in my home. Who’s responsible if there’s damage to...

RECA – Ask Charles – October

I want to buy a new home but I'm worried about contracting COVID-19 while I view properties. What can I do to minimize my...

Cornerstone Homeowners Association

The Cornerstone Homeowners Association (HOA) is mandated to ensure the long-term sustainability of the community of Cornerstone. By contributing to the development of a sense of community and responsibility amongst neighbours towards the physical attributes of the community. The HOA is managed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible for administering decisions related to the goals of the HOA. Management of the daily operations of the HOA may be contracted to a third-party provider.

Cornerstone will be constructed over a series of planned phases, with an anticipated completion in 2028. Upon completion, the community of Cornerstone will be home to nearly 31,000 people in five communities: Cornerstone Point, Cornerstone Park, Cornerstone Gate, Cornerstone Ridge, and Cornerstone View.

Cornerstone will offer six schools, from kindergarten to grade 12, over 50 acres of playfields and park spaces, two community centres, a large regional park and 119 acres of green space surrounded by an extensive network of trails.

Cornerstone Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2018 municipal census, Cornerstone had a population of 1,629 living in 633 dwellings. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Cornerstone Map

Google Map of Cornerstone, Calgary, AB