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June at Queen Elizabeth High School

June is here at last! Queen Elizabeth is busy with our last month of instruction and learning. There is, however, time to reflect and commemorate...

Youth Substance Abuse Prevention (Iceland Model)

“We didn’t say to them, you’re coming in for treatment. We said, we’ll teach you anything you want to learn: music, dance, hip hop, art,...

Senior’s Week, Spring Activities, Next 20, and More!

Hello Residents, Thank you, Seniors! Senior’s Week is a time to celebrate seniors and all that they do to make Calgary a great place to live. Whether...

Bill C-69 and Reviewing the Equalization Formula

The economy and the jobs crisis continue to be issues of paramount importance for me. Thousands of Albertans remain out of work and many more...

The June 2019 Your Sandstone MacEwan Community Newsletter Magazine

The June 2019 official MacEwan Glen and Sandstone Valley community newsletter magazine is now available. Delivered monthly to 4550 homes, apartments, and businesses, Your Sandstone...

Sandstone-MacEwan’s June Notes from the President

Happy Father’s Day! The SMCA board partnered with Big Man Landscaping to bring compost collected through the City of Calgary Compost Program to the Sandstone Rink...

Your Sandstone MacEwan Community Newsletter

Sandstone MacEwan residents are actively engaged in their community and keeping them informed is our top-priority. Your Sandstone MacEwan is the official community newsletter, and covers community news and is published monthly to keep content current and relevant. Delivered to every household, apartment, and business, every resident is acquainted with the community’s most important information.

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Sandstone MacEwan Glen Community Association

1100 Berkshire Blvd. NW
Calgary, Alberta
T3K 3M3

Through a group of dedicated volunteers, the Sandstone MacEwan Community Association will enrich the lives of residents by providing strong leadership and management of community based facilities, programs and services.

MacEwan Glen Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, MacEwan Glen had a population of 5,100 living in 1,781 dwellings, a -0.7% increase from its 2011 population of 5,138. With a land area of 1.4 km2 (0.54 sq mi), it had a population density of 3,640/km2 (9,400/sq mi) in 2012. Residents in this community had a median household income of $74,045 in 2000, and there were 9.7% low income residents living in the neighborhood. As of 2000, 20.5% of the residents were immigrants. 9.1% of the housing was used for renting, 30.6% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 44.1% of the housing was used for renting. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.