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Glendale News

Calling for Calgary Awards Nominations and Watch for your 2019 Property Assessment Notice

Hello, Ward 6! Here are you updates for February 2019. Watch for your 2019 Property Assessment Notice Assessment notices are now available. The City of Calgary mailed...

Election Season Approaches

As election season approaches, I reflect on the choices before us as Albertans in the coming months. I appreciate the concrete actions our government has...

Get Ready for a Dose of Election Campaigning!

Albertans can get ready for a dose of election campaigning in 2019. Provincially, we go to the polls at some point in the spring between...

Happy New Year, Calgary-Currie!

Happy New Year, Calgary-Currie! As we embark upon 2019, I want to take a moment to share with you some of the ways that our government...

Census Takers and Award Nominations

Happy New Year Ward 6! The Ward 6 team is working hard to continue to advocate for you and all of Calgary in 2019. Interested in...

Another Legislative Session Fighting for All Albertans

We are once again in the midst of another Legislative session fighting for all Albertans. So far, we have introduced new legislation to make post-secondary...

Glendale Community Newsletter

Glendale residents are actively engaged in their community and keeping them informed is our top-priority. Glendale Thumper is the official community newsletter, and covers community news and is published monthly to keep content current and relevant. Delivered to every household, apartment, and business, every resident is acquainted with the community’s most important information.

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Glendale Community Association

2405 Glenmount Dr. SW
Calgary, AB – T3E 4C1,

The Glendale and Glendale Meadows Community Association is an organization of volunteers who strive to enrich the quality of life of all citizens in the community. A strong Community Association benefits the community by supporting and running local programs and initiatives that make our community safer, greener, healthier and happier. The Association also serves an important role, allowing citizens to express a broad range of concerns, whether it be social and physical planning, transportation or any concerns where citizens represent themselves to local decision makers.
Volunteers are essential for the Association. All those who are involved in the community association activities are volunteers who give their time and talents freely in an effort to make their community a better place to live. Your help as an organizer, coach, participant or interested member would be welcome. Call any of your Board of Directors to volunteer or for information about your association.

Glendale Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary's 2012 municipal census, Glendale had a population of 2,749 living in 1,111 dwellings, a 0.7% increase from its 2011 population of 2,730. With a land area of 1.4 km2 (0.54 sq mi), it had a population density of 1,960/km2 (5,090/sq mi) in 2012.
Residents in this community had a median household income of $55,400 in 2000, and there were 10.2% low income residents living in the neighborhood. As of 2000, 18% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 9.1% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 20.1% of the housing was used for renting For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.