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Red Carpet Crime Statistics Update

Red Carpet Crime Activity was Down in June 2024 Red Carpet Calgary experienced 1 crime in June 2024, in comparison to 3 crimes the previous...

Red Carpet Business Classifieds

TRENCHLESS SEWER AND WATER REPAIR SERVICES IN AND AROUND RED CARPET Pipe Sleeve Services stand at the forefront of Terraburst's comprehensive plumbing solutions in...

Safety During the Festive Season

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Collection Day Changes

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The Flu vs COVID-19

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Safely Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous items such as propane tanks, oil and chemicals don’t belong in your carts. If a container has a hazardous symbol, bring it...

City Offering Event Grants

We know Calgarians are looking for ways to safely participate in arts, culture, sport, and recreation events like they did before the COVID-19 pandemic....

How to Make or Buy a Mask

Making a Mask Wearing a non-medical mask may help prevent the spread of COVID-19. There are many ways to make a cloth mask. Health Canada has...

Roll Out the Red Carpet: Calgary's Diverse and Affordable Community

Settled in Calgary’s vibrant southeast, Red Carpet stands as one of the city’s long-standing neighbourhoods, renowned for its blend of affordability and diverse housing options. While historically known for its mobile homes, recent years have seen the emergence of condominium developments, adding a new dimension to Red Carpet’s real estate landscape.

A Front-Row Seat to GlobalFest

Residents of Red Carpet, especially those in the condominiums, enjoy a prime location for the annual GlobalFest Fireworks at Elliston Park. This proximity offers a spectacular view of the fireworks extravaganza, contributing to the community’s allure. GlobalFest stands as an eagerly anticipated annual event in Calgary, drawing in locals and visitors alike. This jubilant festival serves as a vibrant celebration of Calgary’s multicultural fabric, painting the sky with breathtaking, explosive fireworks.

Convenience and Connectivity

With seamless access to major roadways and proximity to the LRT, Red Carpet provides residents with convenient commuting options, enhancing accessibility to surrounding areas.

Red Carpet Population

The 2021 City of Calgary Census records Red Carpet as home to 1,745 residents in private households, with 72% falling within the 15 to 64 age range, holding a median total household income of $59,200 before tax.

Red Carpet presents a diverse housing landscape, with 68% of households being owner-occupied and 32% being rented. The community offers affordability, with low median monthly shelter costs estimated at $890 for owner households and $1,300 for renter households.

Celebrating its multicultural tapestry, Red Carpet hosts 23% immigrants in private households, predominantly from Asia, speaking diverse languages like Tagalog, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, and Dutch. Moreover, Red Carpet proudly acknowledges its Indigenous community, with 146 residents identifying as Indigenous, representing First Nations and Métis groups.

Red Carpet Community Map

Google Map of Red Carpet, Calgary, AB