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Bridlewood Real Estate Statistics Update

In May 2024, the south west Calgary community of Bridlewood had a median home ask price of 0 while the median home sold price...

The June 2024 Somerset Bridlewood Community Newsletter Magazine

The June 2024 Somerset Bridlewood community newsletter magazine is now available. The Somerset Bridlewood community magazine is a great place to find all...
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SOMERSET | BRIDLEWOOD MORTGAGE BROKER: Save a bunch of cash! As a Calgary mortgage broker, I have helped your neighbors navigate their purchase, refinance,...

Somerset Bridlewood Resident Spotlight! Meet Kalyani Pardeshi

Our communities are filled with residents who make a difference, who help others, and who use their talents and energy to spread positivity and...

Somerset Bridlewood Community Garden Update for June

That good soaking snowfall and rain at the end of April and in early May really helped get some moisture into our garden beds...

SBCA Snippets for June

The summer solstice rolls around on June 20! It’s time for spending more time outdoors, going for walks and meeting neighbours, enjoying picnics in...

SBCA Meetings

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month in the Jets Room in the Cardel Rec Centre at 7:00 pm.Get a SBCA Membership!...

Bridlewood Crime Statistics Update

Bridlewood Crime Activity was Up in April 2024 Bridlewood Calgary experienced 5 crimes in April 2024, in comparison to 4 crimes the previous month, and...
Community Newsletter Somerset

The May 2024 Somerset Bridlewood Community Newsletter Magazine

The May 2024 Somerset Bridlewood community newsletter magazine is now available. The Somerset Bridlewood community magazine is a great place to find all...

Bridlewood Real Estate

Profiled above are the last twelve month real estate statistics for the Bridlewood community in Calgary; including number of properties listed, number of properties sold, median asking prices, and median sold prices. To view current Bridlewood Real Estate listings for sale, click here.

Unveiling Bridlewood: Where Suburban Serenity Meets Multicultural Marvel

Bridlewood, nestled in Calgary’s southwest, began its development journey in the 1990s. The community was meticulously crafted, offering ample open spaces for schools, recreational areas, and parks, creating a haven for families. Its suburban charm is enriched by a vibrant multicultural ambiance, making Bridlewood a distinct and welcoming neighbourhood for all.

Ideal for young families seeking suburban tranquillity without sacrificing modern amenities, Bridlewood boasts a network of bicycle pathways and the serene Bridlewood Creek Wetland, a sanctuary teeming with diverse bird species and thriving flora.

Education is a cornerstone here, with a plethora of schools including Bridlewood School, Glenmore Christian Academy, and Monsignor J. J. O’Brien catering to the community’s educational needs.

Bridlewood Community Newsletter

Our top-priority is keeping Somerset and Bridlewood residents informed. All the community’s must-know news is easily accessible through the Somerset and Bridlewood community newsletter, which is published monthly so that residents are kept current on relevant community and Calgary news. Somerset Bridlewood Beacon is delivered monthly to every household, apartment, and business, and is a great way to get hyper local advertising exposure.

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Bridlewood Community Association

Box 69056,
Bridlewood Postal Outlet
Calgary, AB T2Y 4T9
[email protected]

The community is serviced by the dedicated team at Somerset-Bridlewood Community Association (SBCA). The SBCA gives residents a voice and supports creativity. The SBCA promotes sustainable development and environmental stewardship initiatives. The SBCA aims to host events which are inclusive and instil and renewed sense of community. The SBCA celebrates community pride and inclusivity.

A standout feature of the SBCA is its Community Garden, a green oasis promoting sustainable living and wellness. Established in 2010 through collaborative efforts, the garden offers 21 plots at an affordable rate, enriching the urban landscape and fostering a stronger community bond.

The community association also works to address issues such as traffic concerns and is a member of the South Fish Creek Transportation Action Committee.

Bridlewood Community Demographics

According to the City of Calgary‘s 2021 Census, Bridlewood is home to a diverse population of 12,545, with a healthy median household income of $105,000. Reflecting inclusivity, a significant portion of residents identify as Indigenous or immigrants, showcasing the neighbourhood’s rich cultural tapestry.

330 residents of Bridlewood identify as Indigenous in private households, all of which are Metis and First Nations Indigenous people. Expanding on this diversity, 47% of the population in Bridlewood are immigrants. Inclusivity is further shown in this neighbourhood as 51% of the population in private households are a visible minority.

With 81% of households owner-occupied and a commendable shelter-cost-to-income ratio (only 225 of households spending 30% or more of their total income on shelter), Bridlewood exudes a strong sense of community ownership and financial stability. Of the 4,130 occupied private dwellings in the neighbourhood, 68% are singled detached houses. The predominance of single-detached houses further underscores the neighbourhood’s appeal as a cherished residential enclave.

Bridlewood Community Map

Google Map of Bridlewood, Calgary, AB