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DOWNTOWN EAST VILLAGE MORTGAGE BROKER: SAVE A BUNCH OF CASH! As a local Downtown East Village Mortgage Professional with a dozen years experience, I have...

June 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Friends, Congratulations to all those who are graduating and ‘crossing the stage’ this spring. Take the time to share this moment with your family and friends...

Ask RECA: Can My Home Be Sold Without My Knowledge?

You may have heard recent news stories out of Ontario where homes were sold without the homeowners' knowledge. Shocking, and rare as it is, all...

Downtown East Village Real Estate Statistics Update

In April 2023, the south east Calgary community of Downtown East Village had a median home ask price of $357,400 while the median home sold...

May 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Friends, The current government has spent millions – much of it on ‘consultants’ and ‘studies’ to move Canadian workers toward a ‘just transition’. These green jobs...

Downtown East Village Crime Statistics Update

Downtown East Village Crime Activity was Down in March 2023 Downtown East Village Calgary experienced 21 crimes in March 2023, in comparison to 34 crimes the...

March 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Dear Friends, It has been over a year since Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine. It is horrifying to witness the destruction, loss of...

February 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Dear Friends, One of the main challenges we face in our federal system of government – where powers are divided between two distinct levels of government...

Ask Charles: Condo Governance

“I’ve just been elected to my condo board. How do I know which responsibilities fall under the condo corporation, the condo board, and the condo...

downtown East Village Real Estate

Profiled above are the last twelve month real estate statistics for the Downtown East Village community in Calgary; including number of properties listed, number of properties sold, median asking prices, and median sold prices. To view current Downtown East Village Real Estate listings for sale, click here.

East Village Neighbourhood Association

C/O First on Colour
536 – 9th Avenue SE, T2G 0S1
[email protected]

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The East Village Neighbourhood Association (EV-NA) was formed in 2011 to make Downtown East Village a healthy, save, vibrant place in the heart of Calgary and is incorporated under the Societies Act. As a neighbourhood association, EV-NA champions the development of Downtown East Village as a thriving neighbourhood community. It works in partnership with a wide range of public and voluntary sector agencies to improve services and facilities for local people.

Downtown East Village Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2016 municipal census, Downtown East Village had a population of 3,242 living in 1,897 dwellings, a 14.2% increase from its 2015 population of 2,838. With a land area of 0.5 km2 (0.19 sq mi), it had a population density of 6,500/km2 (16,800/sq mi) in 2016.

Residents in this community had a median household income of $17,253 in 2005. As a reference, in 2005 the median household income for the whole city of Calgary was $67,238.

In 2005 there were 53.1% low income residents living in the neighbourhood. As of 2006, 31.9% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 94.7% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 83.8% of the housing was used for renting, this being the highest renting/owning rate in the city. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.