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Scarboro News

Ask RECA: Can My Home Be Sold Without My Knowledge?

You may have heard recent news stories out of Ontario where homes were sold without the homeowners' knowledge. Shocking, and rare as it is, all...

Scarboro Real Estate Statistics Update

In April 2023, the south west Calgary community of Scarboro had a median home ask price of $1,295,000 while the median home sold price was...

Scarboro Business Classifieds

SCARBORO MORTGAGE BROKER: SAVE A BUNCH OF CASH! As a local Scarboro Mortgage Professional with a dozen years experience, I have helped your neighbors navigate...

May 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Friends, The current government has spent millions – much of it on ‘consultants’ and ‘studies’ to move Canadian workers toward a ‘just transition’. These green jobs...

Scarboro Crime Statistics Update

Scarboro Crime Activity was Up in March 2023 Scarboro Calgary experienced 2 crimes in March 2023, in comparison to 1 crime the previous month, and 0...

March 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Dear Friends, It has been over a year since Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine. It is horrifying to witness the destruction, loss of...

February 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Dear Friends, One of the main challenges we face in our federal system of government – where powers are divided between two distinct levels of government...

February 2023 MLA Report – Calgary Currie – Nicholas Milliken

Dear Neighbours, I am pleased to report that help is on the way for Albertans needing emergency healthcare. As part of the Healthcare Action Plan, Alberta’s government...

Ask Charles: Condo Governance

“I’ve just been elected to my condo board. How do I know which responsibilities fall under the condo corporation, the condo board, and the condo...

Scarboro Real Estate

Profiled above are the last twelve month real estate statistics for the Scarboro community in Calgary; including number of properties listed, number of properties sold, median asking prices, and median sold prices. To view current Scarboro Real Estate listings for sale, click here.

Scarboro Community Association

1727-14 Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3C 0W8,
[email protected]

Scarboro is a small old community in relation to burgeoning Calgary. The community association has worked to maintain the overall area as an attractive residential zone for families and others. Our story is about people who have believed in our communities and whose work has made them continue as attractive places to live. The Community associations is a neighbourhood-based volunteer organization, that provides a voice for community life, an overall sense of belonging, and social, educational and recreational opportunities for their residents. Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly meetings, and particularly the annual general meeting, where many community members purchase or renew their Community Association Memberships.

Scarboro Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Scarboro had a population of 880 living in 343 dwellings, a 1.1% increase from its 2011 population of 870. With a land area of 0.5 km2 (0.19 sq mi), it had a population density of 1,760/km2 (4,600/sq mi) in 2012. Also in the 2012 municipal census, Scarboro/Sunalta West had a population of 410 living in 165 dwellings, a 3.3% increase from its 2011 population of 397. With a land area of 0.4 km2 (0.15 sq mi), it had a population density of 1,030/km2 (2,700/sq mi) in 2012. It is represented in the Calgary City Council by the Ward 8 councillor, on a provincial level by Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr, and at federal level by Calgary Centre MP Lee Richardson. Scarboro is a well established and relatively wealthy neighbourhood, with the median household income of $79,948 (2000), and 7.5% low-income residents. As of 2000, 20.6% of the residents were immigrants. While the City of Calgary profile on Scarboro details a proportion of 27.3% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 29.5% of the housing was used for renting, the actual neighbourhood consists of approximately 365 single-family dwellings. All are zoned R-1 and there are no multifamily residences or condominiums or apartments within Scarboro. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.