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Chinatown Real Estate Statistics Update

In May 2024, the south west Calgary community of Chinatown had a median home ask price of 0 while the median home sold price...

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OFFICIAL PLUMBING & HEATING: Small company, low overhead, excellent warranties, and great rates. Chinatown plumber specializing in residential service and installs. Services include furnace...

Chinatown Crime Statistics Update

Chinatown Crime Activity was Up in April 2024 Chinatown Calgary experienced 3 crimes in April 2024, in comparison to 1 crime the previous month, and...

April 2024 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Just over two years ago, Russia invaded Ukraine, a sovereign nation with close ties to Canada. We have the largest number of people of...

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January 2024 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

Dear Friends, Happy New Year! For those of you that follow closely, you know that my parliamentary work is interesting – and I largely focus on...

December 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

As the world becomes less secure, with regional conflicts flaring in many parts of the world, we need to remind ourselves of the importance...

November 2023 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

November 11 is Remembrance Day, a time of reflection and gratitude. The sacrifices made, the lives lost, and the hopes for a peaceful tomorrow...

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ChinaTown Real Estate

Profiled above are the last twelve month real estate statistics for the Chinatown community in Calgary; including number of properties listed, number of properties sold, median asking prices, and median sold prices. To view current Chinatown Real Estate listings for sale, click here.

Chinatown: Heritage and Modern Living

Suite 208, 328 Centre Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G4X6
(403) 668-9798

Calgary’s Chinatown boasts a rich heritage, tracing its origins back over a century to 1883 when Chinese pioneers first settled in Alberta. By June 1910, it found its permanent home on Centre Street along the striking Bow River, becoming a radiant hub of Asian culture and commerce in Canada. It is the fourth largest Chinatown in Canada.

At its heart stands the renowned Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre, an architectural marvel inspired by Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. This centre is dedicated to nurturing and supporting Calgary’s Chinese community. Additionally, the Dragon City Mall stands as the heart of Chinatown, housing a diverse array of shops and restaurants.

Sien Lok Park, established in 1968, remains a cherished gem within Chinatown. Nestled south of the Bow River, it serves as a testament to Chinese cultural preservation.

Moreover, Chinatown is a culinary paradise, offering a diverse array of Asian cuisines—from Chinese and Vietnamese to Korean, Japanese, and Thai.

The annual Calgary Chinatown Street Festival, held every August, commemorates Asian culture and heritage in the city.

Chinatown Community Demographics

According to the City of Calgary’s 2021 Census, Chinatown is home to 2,250 residents in private households, with 54% being immigrants, mainly from Asia. Cantonese and Mandarin languages resonate within the community, spoken by 24% and 15% of the population, respectively.

With a median total household income of $54,400 before tax, Chinatown presents a dynamic blend of heritage and modern living. Regarding housing, 26% of households are owner-occupied, while 74% opt for renting.

Chinatown remains an integral part of Calgary’s history, catering to residents and visitors alike. For more in-depth information about Chinatown, visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Chinatown Community Map

Google Map of Chinatown, Calgary, AB