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Shepard: Quaint Farm town Living

10800 – 84 St. SE
Calgary, AB,
T3S 0A5,
[email protected]

Shepard, an integral part of Calgary’s rich railroad history, holds significance from the early 1900s. The original railroad station, a relic from that era, now resides at Heritage Park. Nestled within picturesque landscapes of the prairies, this quaint hamlet exudes a captivating small-town farming ambiance.

At the heart of Shepard lies the esteemed Shepard Community Hall, serving as an event centre that embodies an ideal setting for various gatherings. This venue caters to the hamlet’s locals and neighbouring areas, offering four spacious meeting rooms, a charming lounge, a grand ballroom, and a fully equipped commercial kitchen—all thoughtfully designed to embrace inclusivity, with wheelchair-friendly facilities.

Shepard’s Community Hall has earned a reputation among various clubs in Calgary as the venue of choice for hosting their events and programs, drawn to its allure and adaptability to diverse needs.

Shepard Community Demographics

As of the 2021 City of Calgary Census, Shepard accommodates a modest population of 265 residents in private households. A noteworthy 72% fall within the 15 to 64 age bracket, with a median total household income of $61,200 pre-tax.

Homeownership thrives in Shepard, with a significant 93% of private households being owner-occupied. This community boasts affordability, reflecting in a low median monthly shelter cost of approximately $785 for homeowner households. Notably, an impressive 86% of private households spend less than 30% of their total income on shelter expenses, ensuring a healthy shelter-cost-to-income ratio.

Rooted deeply in Canadian heritage, Shepard exhibits a strong sense of belonging, with 72% of the population in private households tracing their lineage back three generations or more. Citizenship pride runs high, as evidenced by 96% holding Canadian citizenship.

In the labour force, Shepard predominantly sees a 40% participation rate in Sales and Service occupations, reflecting the community’s diverse skill sets.

Shepard Community Map

Google Map of Shepard, Calgary, AB