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Ramsay Crime Statistics Update

Ramsay Crime Activity was Down in June 2024 Ramsay Calgary experienced 0 crimes in June 2024, in comparison to 1 crime the previous month, and...

Ramsay Real Estate Statistics Update

In June 2024, the south east Calgary community of Ramsay had a median home ask price of $850,000 while the median home sold price...
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TRENCHLESS SEWER AND WATER REPAIR SERVICES IN AND AROUND RAMSAY Pipe Sleeve Services spearhead Terraburst's comprehensive plumbing solutions in Calgary. Our expertise spans CIPP...

July 2024 MP Report – Calgary Centre – Greg McLean

After several months where many of my weeks have been spent in Ottawa, I am thrilled to be back in Calgary Centre full time...

Be Water-Wise and Create a Yardsmart Yard

As Calgary continues to experience drought conditions, we can all do our part in our yards by using water wisely. The City has a...

Property Tax is Due Friday, June 28, Pay or Join TIPP...

Your property tax must be paid by Friday, June 28 to avoid late payment penalties. The City’s Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) is the...

Celebrate Neighbour Day 2024

Celebrate Neighbour Day in your community on Saturday, June 15! Get involved in this year’s event by gathering with your neighbours for a block...

Use Your Water Meter to Check Your Home for Leaks

Together, we can make every drop count during this drought. Using your water meter to check for leaks, inside and outside the home, is...

Get to Know the Green Line

With main construction of the Green Line LRT kicking off later in 2024, we know Calgarians are overwhelmingly supportive of the project, but they...

Ramsay Real Estate

Profiled above are the last twelve month real estate statistics for the Ramsay community in Calgary; including number of properties listed, number of properties sold, median asking prices, and median sold prices. To view current Ramsay Real Estate listings for sale, click here.

Ramsay: Calgary's Historic Yet Trendy Community

Ramsay, a radiant community in Southeast Calgary, boasts an array of architectural styles, embodying a blend of the old and new. As one of Calgary’s oldest neighbourhoods, Ramsay offers stunning views of both the majestic mountains and the bustling downtown area, providing residents with a unique and balanced living experience.

A Glimpse into Ramsay’s Past

This eclectic locale showcases a mix of Edwardian and Queen Anne Revival homes, a testament to its rich history. Ramsay’s roots trace back to a segment of a First Nations trail, Spiller Road, which played a pivotal role in facilitating trade between early settlers and indigenous communities. The area thrived as the epicentre of Calgary’s early industries, housing significant establishments like the CPR railyards, Alberta stockyards, Calgary Herald, and more. Scotsman’s Hill, which supplied stone for sandstone structures, was used as a place to watch the annual, world-renowned Calgary Stampede for free by residents.

Education Hub and Neighbourhood Initiatives

2102 Ramsay St SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2G 4S2,
[email protected]

Today, Ramsay remains tightly knit, with a strong sense of community spirit. The area hosts notable schools such as Ecole Ste. Anne Elementary, Junior and Senior High School, and Ramsay Elementary School, catering to the educational needs of its residents.

The Ramsay Community Association, formed in 1948 and rebranded in 1956, actively shapes the neighbourhood’s development while preserving its unique charm. This association spearheads initiatives such as vibrant mural paintings, tree planting programs, and engaging events like the “boot sale,” high tea gatherings, and an enchanting edible flower festival. The RCA also has a hall equipped with a kitchen, games room, lounge, and stage.

Ramsay Community Demographics

Demographically, Ramsay hosts a population of 2,155 in private households, with 75% falling in the 16 to 64 years age group. The community’s median total household income is $97 000 before tax. This is according to the City of Calgary’s 2021 Census.

About 10% of its residents speak languages other than English as their mother tongue, reflecting the community’s linguistic diversity, including German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Vietnamese.

Ramsay displays a range of housing options, with 55% of private households being owned, and 45% of private households being renter households.

For further insights and updates in Ramsay visit the City of Calgary community profiles website.

Ramsay Community Map

Google Map of Ramsay, Calgary, AB