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Formed in 1992, the Eau Claire Community Association (ECCA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the quality of living in Eau Claire. It is recognized by the City of Calgary as the official voice of the Eau Claire community.
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Eau Claire’s President’s Report for October

Your Board of Directors spend a lot of time talking to different representatives from the City to learn about their plans for development...
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Eau Claire’s President’s Letter for September

It’s election season and we’re all gearing up to go to the polls twice in only two months. Please note that Municipal Electoral...
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Eau Claire August Area Improvements Program

We’re making life better by the Bow.The Bow River has always been integral to Eau Claire. Now we’re making it more resilient and...
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Eau Claire’s July President’s Message

When you read this, we’ll be in the middle of a very different Calgary Stampede. Fingers crossed that the infection rate is down,...
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Eau Claire President’s Letter – April

ECCA President’s LetterLast month, I noted with sadness the news that the Eau Claire YMCA would not be reopening, even after COVID restrictions...
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Eau Claire’s March President’s Message

Like many residents of Eau Claire, I was shocked and saddened by the news that the Gray Family YMCA in Eau Claire would...
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Eau Claire’s February President’s Message

We had an interesting and important discussion at our last ECCA Board meeting. I’m sure most residents in Eau Claire appreciate and enjoy...
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Eau Claire’s January President’s Message

I hope everyone had as good a holiday experience as they could, in spite of the new and more stringent COVID requirements. And...
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Eau Claire’s December President’s Message

Many thanks to everyone who logged on to join our first virtual Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, November 17. It was a bit...
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Eau Claire Area Improvements Program – November

The City of Calgary is investing in Eau Claire, Chinatown, and the East Village to enhance areas where Calgarians can proudly participate in...
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