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The Glamorgan Community Association anticipates and responds to the needs of the Community through activities, programs, events and services.We foster a sense of community pride and spirit through meaningful participation.
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Glamorgan Greats August Edition

Danielle SouthernAlthough the pandemic has had tragic consequences for some of us, thankfully for most it has mainly been a disruption to our...
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Glamorgan Greats for October

Caren presents a calm demeanour that belies her busy life first as a teacher and a single parent, and now as an active...
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A September Update from the Glamorgan Community Association

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, despite how different it may have been from previous years. We really miss you all!I...
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A Message from the Glamorgan Community Association

Hello!We hope that you all are doing well and want you to know that we’re thinking of you.We understand that not all of...
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Glamorgan Greats

Ray CarreauRay is one of those fortunate fellows who loved all aspects of his work. “I would go back tomorrow if I could,”...
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Glamorgan Greats: Rachel Jesse

I meet Rachel in the bright, spacious, youth room of the Glamorgan Church of God, where she serves as Associate Pastor. She works...
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Glamorgan Greats – Irma Plunkett

I love playing with words, and I can think of several that fit with Irma’s last name: Plucky Plunkett, or Spunky Plunkett come...

Glamorgan Greats: Note to Readers

To all my neighbours:It has been five years since I started writing a column about Glamorgan residents. During that time, nearly 50 great...