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Rosscarrock is home to a diverse population, which we celebrate through a variety of events throughout the year. The Community of Rosscarrock was established in 1954 in southwest Calgary.
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RCA Corner Notes for December

For more updates, make sure to select your email preferences in your membership account to receive the monthly Rosscarrock e-newsletter.Rosscarrock Community FridgeThe Rosscarrock...

Emotional Resources Available in Calgary

This is a difficult time for many of us; never feel ashamed to reach out for help.The 24-Hour Connect Family Violence Helpline is...
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Benefits of Gardening

It’s not too late to start a garden!Gardening has some amazing health benefits:Home Grown Self-Esteem - It always feels good to accomplish...

10 Tips on How to Meet Neighbours in the Month of October

by Christine N.October is one of my favourite months of the year. I get excited seeing the pretty leaves change colours and look...
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Rosscarrock’s 2019 Fall Community Garden Update

This year had a slow start with cooler temperatures followed by lots and lots and lots of rain. Great for lettuce growing, but...
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Rosscarrock’s July Message from the Board

Dear Neighbours,The community association board is interested in knowing what matters to you, your families, and your community. What services, programs, and events...
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Rosscarrock President’s Message – October

The air is crisp, some would say exhilarating! All three schools have welcomed new students as well as a number of familiar faces....
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Rosscarrock President’s Message – September

In the last message I shared some highlights of our Annual Meeting. As we return to a more regular schedule for September, I...
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Rosscarrock President’s Message – August

Can you believe that we are almost halfway through our summer! As I am writing you, it is a bit of a rainy...