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Our mission is to enhance neighbourhood life in Strathcona Park, Christie Park and Aspen Woods by creating and facilitating programs, services, and resources for our residents, visitors and volunteers.
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SCA President’s Message for May

The SCA is having a casino on May 21 and 22, Saturday and Sunday, at Cowboys’ Casino – we are still desperately short...
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SCA President’s Message for April

Spring has officially arrived! A peek ahead in the forecast tells me that it will be a slow warm up but that is,...
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SCA March President’s Message

I wasn’t sure spring was really coming – we were stuck in one of the coldest winters I can remember. Relaxation of COVID...
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Strathcona-Christie-Aspen’s President’s Message for February

Well, that didn’t go as well as I thought it would. January was mean! Frigid temperatures and another COVID wave. But Calgarians are...
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January’s President’s Message for Strathcona Christie Aspen

A fresh page, clean slate, a new year. The new year is time for reflection: what can we do better? how can we...
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December’s President’s Message from Strathcona, Christie & Aspen

We put our Christmas lights up today and it makes me hopeful that we will be celebrating with our family and friends this...
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SCA President’s Message for November

I just finished off a draft Business Plan for the SCA. They are mythical beasts – hard to capture, easily spooked. The COVID...
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SCA’s President’s Message for October

I am writing this message on the morning of September 12, and I am still smiling. We hosted the SCA’s 40th Anniversary at...
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September’s President’s Message for SCA

On Saturday, September 11, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, the SCA will be having a celebration! Finally, something to celebrate again. The...
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SCA’S Community News for July

Check our website for up-to-date status on SCA class registration and event bookings.Our main doors will remain locked, but feel free to call...
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SCA’s April President’s Message

It’s spring! We have had some warm weather in March, and although I love getting back into the garden, I was sad to...
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SCA’s Community News for March

Check Our Website for Up-To-Date Status on SCA Class Registration and Event BookingsOur main doors will remain locked but feel free to call...