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Formed in 2004, S2G+ Preservation Society collaborates to enhance the environment and natural history of the lower Elbow River, its valley and contiguous bench lands from the Glenmore Dam to Fort Calgary.
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S2G+:2017 Annual Lower Elbow Redd Count

Official results are in – 231 redds (brown trout spawning nests) counted on the Elbow River from the base of the Glenmore Dam...
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Can Fish Whirl—Chase Their Tails, Upside Down, and All Around?

Yes, fish can whirl but it is not a treat-worthy trick as it might be if your dog is a proficient whirler.Whirling disease...
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One Redd, Two Redd, Three Redd, Brown Redd!

Calgary River Valleys announces the 2017 Lower Elbow River Redd Count on November 10, 2017.No, we haven't spelled redd wrong! Redds are the...
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Who Is My Keeper?

If you have been away over the summer months no doubt you may be surprised at the extent of construction occurring west of...
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Lindsay’s Folly

Hidden deep in the bush on the slope along the Elbow River pathway system near Stanley Park, a bit of brick and concrete...
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Live on the Elbow River? Interested in Conserving Your Real Estate?

Riverbanks, by nature, are fragile environments. In the winter and springtime riverbanks are subjected to the grinding forces of ice as water ebbs...
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The Elbow River Once Bison Spirit Land

This is Canada’s 150th, a year of Truth and Reconciliation, and a perfect time to reflect on our river before Confederation, the railway...