Updates around Secondary Suites, Engagement Opportunities, Street Sweeping and Counciltalk


Hello, Ward 14!

I have been using this new newsletter format for months now. The gist is that I write a short summary of what I intended to write about in the full version, which will be posted on my website at calgary.ca/ward14newsletter.

Not only does this system allow me to go into more detail, but it has another benefit too. To get this column in the April edition of your local newsletter I must submit it prior to March 1st. That can hamper my ability to keep things current. With a little foresight though, the new format can solve that problem…

Update: Changes to Secondary Suite Approval Process

I wrote about this in my March column. On March 12, Council will vote on BIG changes coming to the way we deal with secondary suite applications. As I’ve already established, at the time of writing this I don’t currently know what the outcome of that will be, but I will when I write the online version. Please visit calgary.ca/ward14newsletter for an update.

Important engagement opportunity

We are looking for your thoughts to help plan our budget for the next four years. I will tell you about it at calgary.ca/ward14newsletter.

Street Sweeping Program

There are some topics that fall under the ‘annual’ category, and this is definitely one. Visit calgary.ca/ward14newsletter for more on what we all do to make this process smoother.


Counciltalk just keeps rolling along and getting better and better. We will be in Lake Bonavista (1401 Acadia Drive S.E.) on April 7 between noon and 2 p.m. I hope to see you there.

Finally, I have a new link that I hope will make it easier to remember how to contact me. It is calgary.ca/contactward14. I hope you like the new newsletter format. Feel free to contact me anytime.

-Councillor Peter Demong