November Always Brings Us to Remembrance

Calgary Fish Creek

Fall seems to have passed us by, with the chill of winter reminding us what hardy, resilient souls we are. My hope is that winter is short, sweet and forgiving with respect to the snowfall and deep freezes we often endure, and that we use the term “chinook” often! Legislative session began on October 29th with constituency week scheduled for November 12-16th. We are indeed back in full swing and can expect a full agenda of government and private members legislation.

Although a busy season is upon us, November always brings us to remembrance. The red poppy has become a symbol of patriotism and sacrifice since the first real poppies were worn on the battlefields of WWI. The deep red colour symbolizes the sacrifice of those fallen heroes, while it reminds us to give thanks for service, freedom, liberty and a sense of duty to God and country. On November 11, I ask you to join me in attending the Horton Road Centennial Legion ceremony to lend my support to our honoured veterans. There are a number of notable services across the city including the Field of Crosses, Museum of Regiments, Central Park and other schools, parks and Legion halls. I would encourage you all to attend a local service, and to ensure our youth honour the memories of those who fought and gave their lives to defend our enviable way of life.

History is important. While sharing personal stories is a great way for younger generations to connect to the past, my challenge for each of you is to reflect on your family history in a way that honours and respects that legacy. The Alberta Provincial Archives provide a wealth of information of enduring value in their mandate to preserve “the collective memory of Alberta” and the “protection of Albertans’ rights and sense of identity” regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or income. It allows reflection on a rich pioneer heritage of which we should all be proud.

On November 13th the City of Calgary will be hosting a non-binding plebiscite on hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics. I would encourage you to do your research, know your options and exercise your right to that democratic voice. And please reach out to share your opinion with me!

As always, your feedback and communication help me to effectively represent you in the Alberta Legislature. So, call, email or make an appointment. My door has been, and always will be, open. Our next MLA Café will be during the week of Nov.12th, so please watch out for further details!