Looking at Ways Alberta Can Expand and Diversify

Calgary Foothills

In September, I visited India together with Official Opposition Leader Jason Kenney and UCP Trade Critic, Devin Dreeshen. I followed that with my own visit to Hong Kong. No taxpayer funds were used for this trip.

The purpose of the trip was to look at ways Alberta can expand and diversify our trade with countries around the world. India and Asia are hungry for our resources, but we are unable to export as much as they need. With the discount on barrels of Alberta heavy oil (Western Canadian Select) being at near record highs, when compared to West Texas Intermediate, it’s ever more apparent to everyday Albertans that we must expand market access for Canadian Energy products to other countries.

I have written extensively about the failure of our current regulatory system to get crucial pipeline infrastructure projects approved and built, and about the federal Liberal government’s changes to the environment assessment process, which will only make an already unworkable system worse. Until just recently, the NDP government had not raised a single objection to federal Bills C-48 and C-69, but finally appear to have changed their tune vowing to send their ministers to testify against Bill C-69 in the Senate.

Albertans are rightly quite frustrated with the inability of the provinces and the federal government to work together for the good of our country. Other countries can only dream of the vast God-given natural resources that we are blessed to have, yet we seem increasingly unable to benefit from them.

On November 10, I will be hosting my annual food bank drive. We can use donations and volunteers. I am always blown away by the generosity of the constituents of Calgary-Foothills.

I look forward to attending Remembrance Day ceremonies and paying respect to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to uphold our freedoms and way of life.

Prasad Panda

MLA – Calgary Foothills